You might want to know that idressmodest fashion blog has a sister site called itsmyotherlife. A few days ago a post was published about acronyms and their fantastic usefulness as a stress buster. If you’re curious (and you might be because it’s pretty funny) check it out at

But if you’re too lazy to switch back and forth, and I get it, really I do, then stay right here and I will entertain you with some fashionable acronyms instead. And these can be seen on our instagram feed @idressmodest as well!

DN2B: our first lesson-

Dare NOT to bare! I dare you not to bare as much and see what happens! For me, I’m less self conscious for one. Also people like to say that I am different, more refined. Yes, people have actually said this to me! When I cover more, people listen to me. I feel respected, appreciated and happy. So I dare you to try.

I’m not advocating an kind of extremism here. I’m just saying that when I present myself in a more refined fashion (pun intended) I feel more respected.

And as I get older, I find that my style suits motherhood well. After all, as a mother, you are constantly sitting on the floor, scooting around, bending over,etc. I’d rather not everyone see everything, much less my growing children who comment on EVERYTHING they see-right?

So modesty has its advantages.

If you’re still looking for your perfect spouse/ partner, you will also attract better people by baring less. If you find that you always attract the wrong sort of person, you might want to consider this. Definitely not a rule, but makes sense, no?

I’m sure many readers will have some powerful opinions about my opinion but I write this lightly and with humor. I’m just sharing what seems to have worked well for me and now, with my children almost grown, I can sit back and re-evaluate my choices. I am happy with how I chose to behave, dress and act and I feel that I am a positive role model for my children and their friends.

And that brings us to:

Try a little more modest, and see how beautiful it makes you feel!


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