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retail therapy

I cannot help but connect my two blog sites, this one (idressmodest BLOG ) and itsmyotherlife BLOG when I write, as each is intertwined with the other into the fabric of my current life. I am spending this part of my life indulging my creative side, something that I haven’t had a chance to do until now. I am only able to do this because I am sick and had such a busy life before, that I am unable to do “nothing.” So I have these new passions: home decor, my dress shop and other little side projects that I am learning, like arm knitting.

But today is not about any of that. It’s about me and my day. I woke up feeling about as bad as I can with this strange illness called Sarcoidosis. My head was stuffed with fog and to top it off, I was in a perfectly rotten mood because of a doctor’s appointment that I was dreading.

I’ve been pretty angry at an entire department of the hospital where I get treated. I feel that I’ve fallen through the cracks in the one area that really impacts my quality of life. And recently, I’ve been made, once again, to jump through hoops that the doctors create in order to arrive at their decisions at their own convenience. The problem is that now I don’t have the energy to drive 45 minutes for repeated sessions of “rehab” for a very personal problem. I am not interested in doing rehab. I know it’s not the answer to my current issues, and I am tired of being asked to waste my time and energy on what I consider a stupid idea.

So that was my frame of mind as I drove to my appointment. I apologized to the physical therapist, told her exactly what I thought-that I didn’t want to be there and that I didn’t think it would be useful. I was pleasantly surprised to find her to be an empathetic and patient person. She gently assuaged my fears, didn’t push me into anything that I wasn’t ready for, and above all, agreed with my opinion. So today I decided to give this treatment a shot and hopefully be done with it soon.

But on to the meat of this post. It turns out that after my appointment, I ended up at Target to pick up a couple of things. The sun was literally shining on me at that point. It was 70 degrees on a winter day in Maryland! And if that wasn’t good enough, I got THE very best parking space on the Target lot! What were the odds? So of course, I had to selfie that:


After enough selfie-play, I made my return and, on my way to what I needed, I noticed a really nice dress on a mannequin. I then quickly moseyed over to women’s clothing where I found the dress and a few more. Target really had some cute dresses today, I soon found out.

Now the secret to dresses, at least for me, is to buy them in extraordinarily large sizes. Everything is cut small these days, and everything shrinks in the wash. To combat this, I buy at least a large if not an extra large. I normally wear a size small. But this ultra-sizing thing gives me instant style! This is partly the reason that I am so hyped about the idressmodest line of “one size” clothing (ONE SIZE COLLECTION). The line is really just an oversized version that fits most women.

So that’s my tip of the day: If you’re into dresses, (and this really only works for the very simple styles, try on a couple of sizes larger than what you normally wear and see if that works for you!

So back to my story. The retail therapy worked! I retreated into the dressing room into my meditative state, took a bunch of cool selfies and emerged a butterfly in a better mood and ready to face the onslaught of my kids. The brain fog disappeared eventually, but I passed the time playing with my newly taken selfies!

Retail therapy definitely works, especially if the sun shines on you like it did on me today. I don’t make a habit of it, of course, but the stars were aligned for me today and I took advantage of that. I did buy a couple of size extra large dresses. You can find me modeling one of them in Instagram @idressmodest!

To better days ahead and more spring weather…


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on being a pajama person…

IMG_4784As some of you might know, I have two hobbies, fashion and illness. I actually have many more hobbies, but for the purposes of this little piece, I’m just going to focus on these two and how they are connected.

I recently saw a funny quote. “You know you have chronic illness when it’s more fun to find cute pajamas than regular clothes.” That’s me. I like to have fashionable pajamas, because most days that’s all I wear. And I do care about my appearance. And I love fashion. Above is a picture of me yesterday evening, after taking effort to apply makeup and to style this look for my family. I was trying to give them a semblance of normalcy. It especially pains my fashion and beauty conscious 15 year old when I stay in pajamas all day (most days). My husband,too, is the kind of guy who believes that pajamas during the day are only for sick people, but since I am sick, he understands. However, it gets a bit depressing for those who love me to see me in bed or in pajamas. Therefore, on the weekend, when everyone is home, I try to look like I got dressed.

It’s pretty funny to say “look like I got dressed.” But it’s true. I’ve actually gotten quite good at putting on appearances. A good layer of foundation on my face takes off 10 years. Filling in my sparse eyebrows (getting sparser from the powerful weekly doses of chemo meds that I have to take) takes off another 10 years. Coloring my hair (which I can only manage at home now), well that can just fool everyone!

So I learned that I can wear an oversized dress over what is essentially pajamas (a knit top and leggings), throw on a pair of boots, and voila, I am dressed! I love sweatshirt dresses for this reason. Being as sick as I am, I don’t have the energy to try on a million outfits before I am able to coordinate one that looks good. So this one stop fashion really works for me.

Now if I really want to feel human, like yesterday, I actually need to get out of the pajamas, and wear real clothing. That is where the sweater dresses come in. With a pair of tights and a nice tee,  the sweater dress looks amazing. And it is warm and comfortable. I go for the soft knits because I have neuropathy which makes my skin very sensitive to the wrong fabrics. Yes cashmere, yes acrylics, no wool.

So I felt so human yesterday, that I did a little selfie shoot to memorialize the day:IMG_4780Now if you think you might be a “pajama person” too, check out our one size dresses at They truly are awesome. Message me and like my page for a special discount too. And here’s a link to the dress I’m wearing. It comes in four colors and the red one is especially cute!


If you want to read a little about my illness, Sarcoidosis, check out my other blog on WordPress: itsmyotherlife. Hope you enjoy reading!

Do you have any “pajama dressing” ideas?