Are you looking to break out of your fashion rut this spring? We have the answers! Here to give you some new ideas and get you in the mood for the season!

favorite denim skirt and speckled linen top

1.who doesn’t love denim?

No matter what’s the season or year, denim is always in. This year we bring you a blast from the past. Remember your favorite denim skirts as a teenager? The ones that actually comforted you when choosing them in the morning? Well here’s our pick…the “favorite denim skirt.” Roomy, chunky,distressed and above all, cute… it’s your year-round workhorse. With a comfy elastic waistband and loose style, it’s comfortable in almost all temps.

farmer dress

Then there’s the ‘”farmer dress.” Another cute piece with distressed accents in surprising places. Such as the snap slit in the front.. and the upside down pockets in the back! And for even more interest, the hem has belt loops! Plus this one is also a slip-on loose piece that can be worn most seasons.


2. linen

Pair any of these basic denim pieces with our linen tops.

linen tops
Fresh looks in new colors and “feel me” textures! Some have raw edges too. These are super airy, lightweight tops, perfect for the hot weather that’s coming.

3. accessorize

Need some spark for your wardrobe? How about a fashionista smartphone case? Show off your personality with one of our many hilarious images…or pick one you can fidget with like the “moving makeup iphone case” filled with floating glitter, nailpolish, perfume bottles and more!

moving makeup iphone case

And there you have it! Next time…let’s talk dresses! To see more now, click :



very fashionable pretty woman in denim button dress with chic sunglasses and chic bandana over long hair
Photo by Zaid Abu Taha on Pexels.com

Here’s my personal explanation of a question I keep getting-“why modest?” Sometimes I almost feel like people are offended by the word 😆 I thought long and hard about what to call our store (which I run with my husband) and felt that I wanted to include the term “modest,” as that is what the store is about. Having finally found modest clothes that actually fit my personality, I wanted to share them with others who might also be searching. This is a really fun passion for me and it’s the only reason I do it! There is no single definition of the term “modesty.” It can apply to behavior, attitude or dress. Commonly, it is thought of as the way ultra-religious women dress, covering certain areas of the body that are considered alluring. This is why many religious women cover their hair. Modest dress usually applies to clothing that covers large parts of the body. Often it means not wearing pants, but in some religions, showing skin is unacceptable, and pants are considered more modest than skirts. Modest necklines are usually less revealing as are skirt and sleeve lengths. Modesty can also be a way of behaving in a dignified fashion, perhaps not being as loud or not needing to be the center of attention. Modesty of this sort requires the self confidence to know that you don’t have to be heard to be seen! So modesty is a thing of the senses. Women can be beautiful even if their body is not completely revealed to everyone’s eyes.. Women can be powerful and heard even if they voice their opinions in a quiet way. We don’t have to be screaming to the world with our dress and our voices “look at me!” We might be noticed and respected more if we reveal less of ourselves. Modesty is super-becoming and useful the older we get. Who needs to worry about revealing all of the body parts that are not looking as great as they once did? Clothes can amazingly hide years of change. Have you ever noticed how beautiful an older woman can look in a pretty pink suit? What do you think?

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