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the great closet selfie
the great closet selfie ‎Edit

I never imagined how much fun I would have with selfies. At first it was unimagineable to me, as I considered myself to be completely nonphotogenic. I’m usually the only one that looks bad in a group photo. And when I started taking selfies (actually for medical reasons), I was horrified by the great detail in the pictures.

First, the phone flipped the picture which automatically made me look bad. Then it captured every fine detail of my face, which, trust me, at my age is not beneficial. Finally, I had to learn not to hold the phone close to my face when shooting because I would come out cross-eyed!

But over time I discovered the world of filters. I discovered the best angles and poses and lighting. I started to pose more naturally and actually began to have fun. I might even confess to being a bit addicted.

Then I had the problem of finding a model for my store. There shouldn’t be a problem as I have two lovely models as offspring but they refuse to do me this favor. So I was left with no choice but to model myself. Yikes!

On to the closet selfie. On a bad weather day, where in my busy house can I model clothing? The closet has fantastic lighting, a white wall and is perfect! Cramped space but good pictures and the birth of a new idea!

closet selfie fun

You should try it yourself! It passes an afternoon of bad weather. It’s creative. You might even like your photos. And then-who knows? You may find yourself posting them too!


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