on being a pajama person…

IMG_4784As some of you might know, I have two hobbies, fashion and illness. I actually have many more hobbies, but for the purposes of this little piece, I’m just going to focus on these two and how they are connected.

I recently saw a funny quote. “You know you have chronic illness when it’s more fun to find cute pajamas than regular clothes.” That’s me. I like to have fashionable pajamas, because most days that’s all I wear. And I do care about my appearance. And I love fashion. Above is a picture of me yesterday evening, after taking effort to apply makeup and to style this look for my family. I was trying to give them a semblance of normalcy. It especially pains my fashion and beauty conscious 15 year old when I stay in pajamas all day (most days). My husband,too, is the kind of guy who believes that pajamas during the day are only for sick people, but since I am sick, he understands. However, it gets a bit depressing for those who love me to see me in bed or in pajamas. Therefore, on the weekend, when everyone is home, I try to look like I got dressed.

It’s pretty funny to say “look like I got dressed.” But it’s true. I’ve actually gotten quite good at putting on appearances. A good layer of foundation on my face takes off 10 years. Filling in my sparse eyebrows (getting sparser from the powerful weekly doses of chemo meds that I have to take) takes off another 10 years. Coloring my hair (which I can only manage at home now), well that can just fool everyone!

So I learned that I can wear an oversized dress over what is essentially pajamas (a knit top and leggings), throw on a pair of boots, and voila, I am dressed! I love sweatshirt dresses for this reason. Being as sick as I am, I don’t have the energy to try on a million outfits before I am able to coordinate one that looks good. So this one stop fashion really works for me.

Now if I really want to feel human, like yesterday, I actually need to get out of the pajamas, and wear real clothing. That is where the sweater dresses come in. With a pair of tights and a nice tee,  the sweater dress looks amazing. And it is warm and comfortable. I go for the soft knits because I have neuropathy which makes my skin very sensitive to the wrong fabrics. Yes cashmere, yes acrylics, no wool.

So I felt so human yesterday, that I did a little selfie shoot to memorialize the day:IMG_4780Now if you think you might be a “pajama person” too, check out our one size dresses at idressmodest.com. They truly are awesome. Message me and like my page for a special discount too. And here’s a link to the dress I’m wearing. It comes in four colors and the red one is especially cute!


If you want to read a little about my illness, Sarcoidosis, check out my other blog on WordPress: itsmyotherlife. Hope you enjoy reading!

Do you have any “pajama dressing” ideas?