on skorts, skants and splirts…


I dunno…for years I tried to bike in a skirt. With leggings underneath, or just hiking up the skirt. See, I live in a modest community and dress modestly in accordance with our beliefs. It’s not always easy. Like when you want to ride a bike, or go to the beach, or just be cool on a hot day. Well, I found some solutions for all of you who might contend with these issues or for anyone who thinks these are cool.

First is the skort. Most people know what these are-a set of shorts inside a skirt. Usually the skirt is short which removes it as a modest contender generally. But if you’re like me, you might resort to one of these at the beach or for running (when I used to run..)

Leggings under longer skirts work in cooler weather but leggings  are not what I want to wear in the summer. So that’s the purpose of a skant.

The SKANT  is a skirt-pant. Longer than a skort. Cooler and looser than leggings. Ours is made of linen and is lightweight and airy. It even has adjustable buttons on the sides of the skirt which can be worn open for more movement.

C47355A2-17C2-468C-B208-2AFF98925F80But if you’re looking for more of a “skirt,” the SPLIRT  might be your thing. The splirt is a split skirt and is really a very billowy set of pants. However, nobody can see anything when you mount your bike (or horse). Also, nobody would doubt that you are wearing a skirt, as when standing, it is impossible to tell!

Which brings us to culottes. Culottes are a shorter than a splirt. They fall just below the knee. Ours are composed of thick cotton, much like khaki pants and are just as rugged. They are absolutely adorable, as are all of these styles.

While you’re checking these out, don’t forget to pair them with our tees. We have lots of linen tees, as well as a new selection of graphic tees. All can be mixed and matched into fun combinations.

0D48AF25-B41A-4698-AE06-CB9232D75686fullsizeoutput_31a4Happy shopping for skirts, splirts and skants!