Idressmodest is about inner confidence. It’s about preservation of dignity. It’s about getting noticed without “baring it all.” We feel that women are empowered by subtleby. Dressing modestly helps us be valued  for who we are inside. And we’re here to prove that modest fashion is fun!

Yes, that’s me! The model you see in the pictures is the owner of! I am a mother, wife and former doctor who developed a rare disease called Sarcoidosis. In the past three years my life has changed completely. Read more at itsmyotherlife on Wordpress.

Idressmodest donates 5% of profits to FSR, the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research at There currently is no cure for the disease and much research is still needed. In many cases Sarcoidosis is a lifelong, debilitating disease and is also potentially fatal as with the late comedian, Bernie Mac.